Essentials of Marxist Theory: A Reader

Levantine Viper


Theory is essentially the intellectual expression of the revolutionary process itself. In it every stage of the process becomes fixed so that it may be generalised, communicated, utilised and developed. Because the theory does nothing but arrest and make conscious each necessary step, it becomes at the same time the necessary premise of the following one.

 György Lukács

I’ve put together a list of books, articles, essays, anthologies, and collected works that are essential reading for those who wish to possess a basic understanding of Marxist theory. Every string of text in red font is a link. I’ve included links (PDFs or HTML on MIA) to the full text of every single work I’ve included in this list. The list begins with Marx and ends with contemporary Marxist academics and intellectuals, while covering everything in between. The list is organized chronologically, not in order of what should be read first…

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