(Photo: Ziad Homsi | Douma, Syria 2012)

General Sources of the Syrian Revolution:

+ An interactive map of non-violence resistance in the Syrian Revolution (includes descriptions of each organizing group):

+ Stories from Syrian Refugees:

+ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

+ An online collective of writers, intellectuals, and researchers of the Syrian Revolution:

+ Violations Documentation Center in Syria:

+ A blog constantly updated with the latest videos, reports, and photos from Syria:

+ A blog by an underground Syrian activist (includes insight, reports, statements, photos, and more):

+  A blog by an Arab Anarchist writer (pieces include information regarding sectarianism, proxy wars in Syria, interventions, FSA brigade interviews, and more):

+ English blogger and investigator of the Syrian conflict: (Proof: regime use of chemical weapons:

+ A blog by a Palestinian anarchist and activist (pieces regarding Palestine, Syria, human rights, Islamists, and more):

+ Details and information about the Yarmouk Refugee Camp campaign, “Breaking the Silence,” and other translated pieces regarding Palestinian martyrs in Syria, etc.:

+ Palestinian Camps News Network (ar): (for english: search Facebook for: Palestinian Camps Network News Union)

+  A Syrian-run blog including the Revolutionary Left of Syria, political programs, photos, videos, anthems, and statements:

+ Revolutionary Left Current in Syria: Establishment of the “People’s Liberation Faction” to commemorate the third anniversary of the Syrian Revolution:

+ A blog by a Syrian anarchist (topics include popular struggles, human rights, and social justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective):

+ Syria Untold:

+ Syria Infographics:

+ Local Coordination Committees of Syria(includes statements, reports, and relief work):

+ Three years of revolt in Syria:

+ Revolts in Syria: Tracking the Convergence Between Authoritarianism and Neoliberalism:

Articles and Interviews:

+ The Conscience of Syria: An Interview with Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, a Syrian activist, writer, and intellectual:

+ A translated Interview with Dr. Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm: The Syrian Revolution and the Role of the Intellectual:

+ The Syrian Revolution is not dead:

+ Syria: What is a Proxy War?:

+ Ordeal of a Dying Child Captures the Tragedy of Syria:

+ Palestinians Tortured to Death in Syrian Prisons:

+ Syrian Anarchist Challenges the Rebel/Regime Binary View of Resistance:

+ Syrian Kurds: Out of Nowhere to Where?:

+ Syria’s Nakba:

+ “Dear World,” Syrian Refugees:

+ CNN | Revolutionary detainees tortured to death (11,000 victims):

+ Syrian villagers drive out Islamic State militants:

+ Syrian Defector: Assad Poised to Torture and Murder 150,000:

+ Rojava: A struggle against borders and for autonomy:

+ While Syria Burns:

+ Losing the Lonely War: Suicide in Syria:

+ Palestinians and the Assad Regime: For History and Generations to Know:

+ Author Khaled Khalifa: “Revolutions Can’t Be Reversed”:

+ On the Issue of Palestinian Support for the Assad Regime:

+ Ex-Syrian footballl players form opposition team in exile:

+ Syrian children paint a brighter future:

+ Syrian refugees drown off of the Greek coast: (2012), (2014), (2014)

+ Migrants from Libya and Syria risk their lives in jam-packed boats to get to Italy: (2014)

+ “Take you portion”: A victim speaks out about rape in Syria:

+ Raqqa: Slaughtered in Silence:

+ Portraits: The Syrian boy who stopped growing:

+ Portraits: Bilal, Hiding in Plain Sight:

+ Conversations: The Woman Caring for Damascus Orphans:

+ Will there ever be justice for Syria’s rape survivors?:

+ Deformed babies born in Ghouta after Assad and his forces launched a gas attack:

+ 9 Palestinians tortured to death in regime prisons in 48 hours:

+ On the Syrian Revolution and the Kurdish Issue – an interview with Syrian-Kurdish activist and journalist Shiar Nayo:

+ Lebanon marks ‘devastating’ milestone with millionth refugee:

+ Assad’s use of ‘barrel bombs’ in Syria is said to escalate despite U.N. ban:

+ A Lebanese teen rapes, kills a Syrian refugee child before throwing him in a garbage dumpster:

+ The Assad regime’s war on doctors:

+ A general strike in the revolutionary town of Menbij challenges ISIS militants:

+ UN documents expose Assad’s stravation campaign in Syria:

+ Alternative Left perspectives on Syria:

+ In Lebanon, Syrian refugee children find safety from war but new dangers on the streets:

+ HRW: Syria: Defying Security Council on Aid Access:

+ HRW: Air attacks terrorize Aleppo:

+ Syrian revolutionaries fighting against jihadists and ISIS:

+ A ‘revolution within the revolution’: The battle against ISIS:

+ The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Kurdish Peple’s Protection Units (YPG) find a common enemy in ISIS:

 + The Syrian Shabiha (Thugs) and their State: Statehood and Participation:

+ How Assad helped forge ISIS:

+ How did the sectarian nightmare come ture in Syria and Iraq?:

+ Assad has never fought ISIS before:

+ Syria: The Other Threat – Polio:

+ The Anti-Imperialism of Fools:

+ Revolts in Syria: Regime Neoliberalism, Fundamental Changes, Decolinial Arab Revolution, and Syria’s Revolt:

Videos and Channels: 

+ Rare video evidence of Torture in Syrian Hospitals:

+ Compilation of Assad bombardment and shelling in Daraya, Syria (Chapter 1: Explosions, Chapter 2: Civilians):

+ Rescuing a young child from underneath the rubble:

+ Nayef, a child from Aleppo, speaks about his martyred family members after a SCUD missile landed in his neighborhood:

+ Graphic video of Regime forces beating and torturing dissenters: (“This is for the freedom you want!”)

+ Regime forces stomp over peaceful protestors in Bayda Village, Banias:

+ BBC Report on the Yarmouk Camp siege:

+ Palestinian Refugees from Syria speak out:

+ Assad forces drop chlorine bombs on residents of Hama, 2014:

+ After a government airstrike in Aleppo and 16 hours of digging, the Syrian Civil Defense rescues a 2 month old infant, 2014:

+ Shelling Kafranbel, Idlib on first day of Ramadan, 2014:

+ The Left Forum: A Different View of Syria – The Struggle by Yasser Munif:

+ Video: 200 Syrian refugees drown off of Maltese coast:

+ Dozens of people were killed yesterday after Assad forces dropped 2 barrel bombs (only minutes apart) in al-Sukary Neighborhood, Aleppo:

+ Kurdish authorities arrested Iranian militants who carried sacks of poisonous scorpions they intended to throw in a Syrian refugee camp in Northern Iraq:

+ UNCHR: Syrian refugee children and their passion for football:

+ Lebanon: One Million Syrian Refugees:

+ English, Russian, Spanish, French, Kurdish, German:

+ English:

+ English:

A Small Sample of Peaceful Demonstrations:

+ Protest Compilation:

+ Rastan Massacre 2012: Regime forces shell a peaceful protest:

+ Assad soldiers torture and drag a man in the nude in the streets of Aleppo.

+ The voices of Syrian children in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan (which is now considered the 4th largest city).

+ “I am a human being, not an animal.”

+ Assad army soldiers shoot at unarmed protesters:

+ Assad army soldiers open fire on unarmed protesters in Mezzeh, Damascus:

+ Assad army soldiers open fire and kill protesters in Dara’a:

+ Assad soldiers storm a peaceful demonstration in Douma, Damascus, violently beating civilians:

+ Aleppo 2013, Regime shells peaceful protest:

+ Hama, June 2011:

+ Homs, 2011:

+ An all-woman peaceful protest in Banias, Syria 2011:

+ Dara’a, 2011:

+ Qamishli, 2011:

+ Hama, 2012:

+ Hama, 2012:

+ Hama, 2012:

+ Homs, 2012:

+ Homs, 2012:

+ Idlib, 2012:

+ Aleppo, 2013:

+ Damascus, 2012:

+ Syrian resistance against ISIS in front of the ISIS HQ:

+ Ma’arat al-Nouman protest the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (IS) and the Assad regime:

+ Aleppo and Idlib protest both IS and the Assad regime:

Defections and the Creation of Brigades: 

+ AJ: Syrian defectors join protestors:

Malnutrition and Starvation:

+ A man who is on the brink of death due to extreme malnutrition: 

+ An infant starves to death due to malnutrition, 2012 Houla:

+ Children in Modamiyet al-Sham who starved to death:


+ Global Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution:

+ Transnational Statement in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution and against (all) foreign intervention:

+ Articles via MENA Solidarity Network:

+ A Statement in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution:

+ Somali refugee children to Syrian refugee children:

+ A collective of solidarity pieces “From Syria, to Palestine”:

+ Syrian AUB students protesting for Gaza silenced and beaten:

+ When the history books are rewritten, let us not fall under the distracted few (From Palestine, to Syria):

+ The struggle for freedom and food sovereignty: a letter of solidarity to the farmers of Syria:

+ On our Nakba, to yours: A letter from a Palestinian refugee to a Syrian refugee:

+ “Freedom is a shared destiny: Gaza, Yarmouk, Golan”:

+ From Syria, to Gaza: “Weekly Friday demonstrations in Syria tomorrow under the banner of ‘Wounded #Syria in Solidarity with #Gaza'”:

+ From Kafranbel, Syria, in solidarity with AJ journalists:

+ Syrian and Kurdish solidarity in Efrin:

+ From Beirut: Solidarity with the Syrian people against Hezbollah:

+ From Aleppo, to Gaza:

+ From Rohaibeh, to Gaza:

+ Yarmouk for Gaza:

+ From Douma, to Gaza:

+ From Modamiyet al-Sham, Damascus, to Gaza:

+ From Qaboun, Damascus, to Gaza:

+ From Gaza, to Syria: Palestinian children raise Syria’s independence flag:

+ From Taftanaz, Idlib, to Gaza:

+ Mara’ protests in solidarity with Gaza (2012):

+ Gaza protests in solidarity with Syria (2012):

+ Aleppo protests in solidarity with Gaza (2014):

+ Saqba protests in solidarity with Gaza (2014):

+ Egyptian solidarity with the people of Syria and Burma:

+ From Syria to the family of Trayvon Martin:

+ Solidarity from Syria to Greece: Statement by SRSB against dumping of chemical weapons in the Mediterranean sea:

+ From Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Syria:

+ From Santiago, Chile, to Syria and Palestine:

+ From Brazil, to Syria:

+ Pen pal program unites young Syrian and Somali refugees:

+ Syria’s crisis created 2.5 million refugees last year – the U.S. let in 36:

Resistance in Arts: 

+ The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution:

+ Revolutionary Syrian Documentaries and Short Films (Subtitled): (

+ Films made by Syrian revolutionaries, including interviews with artists, intellectuals, writers, etc. (Subtitled):

+ Abounaddara Films on Vimeo w/ subtitles in both English and French:

+ Sam Lens Photography in Syria:

+ Syrian revolutionary photographers in the cities of Homs and Damascus: +

+ Infamous revolutionary demonstration signs in Kafranbel, Syria:

+ Revolutionary graffiti in the city of Saraqeb:

+ Revolutionary music under siege, Yarmouk:

+ Graphic arts of the revolution:

+ Syrian Memory Collective:

+ The Syria Campaign:

+ Hamisch: The Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul:

+ Film: “On The Bride’s Side” – Five Syrians and Palestinians create a fake wedding to smuggle Syrian refugees across Europe:

+ Film: “Our Terrible Country” – FID Film Festival of Marseille: Grand Prize in the International Competition:

+ Film: “Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait” – Special Screening in Cannes Film Festival 2014:

+ Film: “Return to Homs” – Sundance 2014 Winner, World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary :

+ Syria’s Underground Film Club: Anonymous ‘Emergency Cinema,’ No Dead Bodies:

Literature and Poetry: 

Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution by Samar Yazbek

+ Just Five Minutes: Nine Years in the Prisons of Syria by Heba Dabbagh

+ The Power and the People: Paths of Resistance in the Middle East by Charles Tripp

+ The People Want by Gilbert Achcar The Syrian Dilemma by Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel 

+ The Silence of Contemporary Syrian Literatyre by Mohja Kahf

+ A New Emergence of Poetry in Syria

+ The City by poet Gajas al-Madhum


+ Inside Syria’s 27 Torture Centers:

+ Translated: “A Discussion Paper on Local Councils in Syria” by activist and martyr, Omar Aziz: (also reference: and for Omar Aziz’s work and impact)

+ Report on the sieges of Yarmouk Camp in Damascus and Moa’damieh City in the Damascus Suburbs: (ViolationS Documentation Center in Syria)

+ Recent Confidential Torture Report: Torture and Execution of Persons Incarcerated by the current Syrian regime: (torture and execution of 11,000 victims, 55,000 photos)

+ Human Rights Watch Report regarding indiscriminate air strikes by the Assad regime (April 2013):

+ Human Rights Watch article: activist deaths and feared activist deaths in detainment: (update: Ayham Ghazzoul was killed under torture by Assad forces in detainment)

+ ”I wanted to die” Syria’s Torture Survivors Speak Out | Amnesty International:

+ Syria Sexual Assault in Detention | Human Rights Watch:

+ Detention and Abuse of Female Activists in Syria | Human Rights Watch:

+ Syria: Sexual Violence Reports | International Federation for Human Rights:

+ Reports on torture method practiced by Syrian authorities | Syrian Network for Human Rights:

+ Special report on use of chemical weapons in Ghouta and the Damascus suburbs | VDC:

+ Amnesty International Report on the Palestinian Refugee Camp of Yarmouk: (summary of the report:

+ Treatment of Kurds under the Assad regime one year after the Kurdish Intifada of March 12th, 2004:

+ Under Kurdish Rule: Abuses in PYD-run enclaves in Syria:

+ HRW: Barrage of Barrel Bombs:

Sustainability and Donations:

+ Syrian Orphans:

+ A new collective supporting relief programs, waste management, civil defense, education, etc. in areas liberated from both the regime and ISIS: 

+ Matar Handcrafts: Embroidered handmade items by Syrian women on the grounds to support the psychological, social, and economic necessities of women and children.

+ Karam Foundation: Projects for Syria including milk for infants, flour mills, arts and sports programs for Syrian refugee camps, etc.:

+ Basmeh & Zeitooneh – Disaster Relief in Lebanon:

+ Syrian Sunshine Foundation: Includes projects for field clinics, medical materials, family, widows, and orphan support, educational items, and more:

+ Syrian Children Community Center in Beirut:

+ Hamisch (Margin), a Syrian cultural center in Istanbul for Syrians in exile:

To be updated… 

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